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‘You’re fake!’ is so sad,

Such a misunderstanding

Of how humanity works,

An ignorance of how much it hurts

To have others dictate your meaning,

As if what they see were bad.

But just like a diamond,

We split into multiple colors

When the sun hits us right,

A fiery red and happiness bright

Like our smiles, approved by others.

The blue, though, often goes silent.

How can it be fake if it’s still you

That smiles and cries and poses?

Is it not real just because of the one

Who lives and breathes, having none

Of the judgemental stares and upturned noses?

How can an outsider tell apart false or true?

We all live in splinters, a kaleidoscope

Of joy and pain, misery and love,

A rainbow of feelings and contradictions.

In the depths of our souls, so much is hidden

Until it breaks through the surface above.

Existence, that struggle; walking a tightrope.

‘Fake’, I believe, is only applied

When people don’t know how to react

To a splinter they don’t understand.

But this, my friend, is not in your hand,

Nor is it your job to stop and reflect

If the color you’re showing might be a little too bright.


Hey there, I'm Nat! I'm the author behind princesandfrogs, and as you can probably guess, I really love writing. So I thought why not share some of my original content here, in this quiet corner of the internet :3 If you'd like to take glimpses through the keyhole of my world, you're welcome to stay! Get yourself a nice cup of tea, and here we go!

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