written by Princie
November 7, 2021 0

Quietly, softly, like a sigh from the sky, snow started falling again.

Bonnie didn’t notice it at first, too immersed in her sketch, bent over the desk as her hand moved over the thick paper of her sketchbook.

The yellow table lamp spent just enough light for her tired eyes, but when inspiration struck, there wasn’t any time to waste; there only was a pencil to grab and to sit down, pinning the pictures in her head down to the paper in lines and shadows.

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written by Princie
October 31, 2021 0

Don’t you ever wonder

How stars taste, sometimes?

If you could drink up

Their brilliance if you tried?

We can see their distant beauty

Twinkling in the velvet sky.

Don’t you look up, too, and ask

What a star would taste like?

I, for one, think it would taste like your smile

And drink it up like ice-cool summer wine.

written by Princie
October 22, 2021 0

And sometimes
I still think about you
And this
And us.
I think about that
The picture in my mind
Of a happy future
Is moving in with you,
Without consequences,
Just living together
With a horde of cats,
And I wonder what that says
About me
And this
And us.
Has it really never been love?

written by Princie
October 10, 2021 2

As dusk was setting around them, their party of seven was rushing through the forest, a chill creeping into each of their bones as the shadows in the forest got longer and night started to close in on them.

‘The hero party,’ Eon had named them jokingly, but right in this moment, with his lungs burning as he took laboured breaths, Auriel was sharply reminded that heroes often died young.

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