Angel Baby

27 seconds

A halo;

Is that what I’m seeing

With your hair fanned out on the

Damp pillow?

Waves of gold

Darkened by sweat,

Curling around your tired head.

Is this a halo?

Are those pearls

Gleaming on your flushed skin?

I follow their trail with my lips

To confirm.

They’re precious

And taste like the sea;

A gift specifically for me.

Are those pearls?

“Gēge, please,” you sighed so often,

Not clarifying what you want.

But as you lie there, smiling, softened,

I think it still is what you got.


Hey there, I'm Nat! I'm the author behind princesandfrogs, and as you can probably guess, I really love writing. So I thought why not share some of my original content here, in this quiet corner of the internet :3 If you'd like to take glimpses through the keyhole of my world, you're welcome to stay! Get yourself a nice cup of tea, and here we go!

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