What Is This Blog?

Hello there! How nice to meet you here.

You’re probably wondering what this blog is – and what’s that about princes and frogs?

On this blog, I’m going to post creative content every first Sunday of the month if everything goes as planned, mostly short stories and poems, sometimes snippets of bigger stories that might or might not be written in their entirety.

The good thing for you: it’s completely free!

Why would anyone post content completely free without wanting money for it, you might ask. Well, I don’t know if you’ve already come across it, but I’ve written fanfiction for years now. Fanfiction is, as the name is saying, fan-made, written content to an already existing story, no matter if books, comics, movies or TV shows. This, too, is completely free, and I love it wholeheartedly, but it isn’t original content, and I missed building my own worlds and introducing my own characters. 

With fanfiction often comes something that is slowly featured more often in public media: openly queer relationships. No queer-baiting, no hinting, just the characters explicitly and unequivocally getting together and figuring themselves out, no matter who they are. As someone who’s bisexual herself, that’s really important to me.

On this blog, even though I won’t post fanfiction here, I want to keep this: queer stories, and they very likely will be leaning towards Boys’ Love. (That is a genre if you haven’t heard of it. It’s also called “M/M slash fiction”.)

If you like that: Great! Welcome! Get yourself a nice cup of tea and stay for a read!

If you haven’t had contact with it yet: Welcome, sweetie! Take a look! Have a cookie, have a story!

If you don’t like that: Welcome! Take a look, but please be respectful. I’m doing this for free, and I would love it if this place could stay a warm and cozy corner of the internet.

So, what about princes and frogs, then?

It’s a word play because I’m that kind of nerd who really enjoys that.

I have grown up with fairytales and wolfed down so many fantasy books and movies that it’s still my favorite ‘universe’ to write in. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Inkheart, Eragon, Mythos Academy, the Hex Hall book series – I could go on and on. If it has magic, I love it, and I really enjoy creating magical worlds out of ink and paper.

Furthermore, “princes and frogs” picks up the theme of a prince kissing a frog – which then turns into another prince. You get it, don’t you? Hehehe, I’m so funny.

Last but not least, the name of this blog is also alluding to the fact that sometimes, one can’t determine from the outside whether someone else is a frog or a prince, not even after kissing them. And sometimes, we are the frog ourselves.

So, my little frog, I hope you’re curious now!

I’m going to post on a Sunday (monthly) so that you really can enjoy a glimpse through the keyhole of my world cuddled up on your couch.

Take care of yourself, please.


Princie <3

PS: Oh yes, my name falls under that word play, too. Genius, right?