Month: April 2022

written by Princie
April 5, 2022 0

There’s a difference between
‘If’ and ‘when’
A deep trust in the universe
I didn’t grow up with
People saying ‘when’
I grew up with safety nets
And seven backup plans
To come back to
If my efforts should fail
So every ‘when’ of yours
Sends trembles through my heart
My poor heart that realizes
There’s no ‘if’ for us in your mind

written by Princie
April 2, 2022 0

There are shadows
In the mirror
I don’t dare to take a glance,
Too afraid of what it shows
Once I come near
And see them dance.
So I only scurry past
And hide my vulnerable heart
‘Cause what if I hate what I see?
What if the image looks like me?

What if the image looks like me?
Is that not what I like to see?
I ask my vulnerable heart
Why I only scurry past.
Why fearing a dance
Or coming near,
Who put these shadows in my mind?
‘Cause when I dare to take a glance,
This mirror
Shows a lot of light.